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K30 Brake System

K30 Brake System

£568.90 Regular Price
£455.12Sale Price

This is the K30 brake system; a robust and reliable brake that has become the staple of many corporate fleets.

The Kelgate quality throughout this system ensures your karts spend more time out on track and less time in the workshop.


The K30 caliper is self adjusting with 2 pistons making it robust and reliable, and comes fitted with our extra thick pads as standard.


Premium materials and engineering are also present in the 18mm master cylinder with pedal leverage adjustments available on the actuating arm, available with either 6mm or 8mm clevis.


Both the caliper and master cylinder are manufactured from aerospace aluminium and hard anodised to ensure high quality performance.  The seals are also made from the highest quality materials for optimal performance and longevity.


The 8mm x 190mm  brake disc is strong and effective with it's stopping power ideally suited for all temperatures and applications..


Included in the kit:

K30 Caliper

Caliper Adaptor Bracket

Set of Pads (Choice of compound)

18mm Master Cylinder (Choice of central or offset reservoir)

Brake Pipe (Various lengths available)

8mm x 190mm Slotted and Cross Drilled Disc

Disc carrier (to fit 40mm Axle)

Set of Disc Nuts & Bolts

DOT 5 Silicone Fluid

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