Caliper - 4-Pot SuperKart Front

Caliper - 4-Pot SuperKart Front


Part of our top of the range system for when you need the ultimate in braking power.

Piston Coating
Pad Compound
  • Designed for use with 125 & 250cc gearbox Karts and used by the top drivers thought the world, these brakes have a history of wins behind them.


    The front callipers provide two 4-Pots of braking with tiered piston sizes for a balanced and consistent braking force.


    The power and efficiency of this system means braking from 100mph to 0 in under 2.5 secs, giving you the advantage on the track.

    Not only do the Super Kart brakes have superior stopping power, but they are also lightweight without sacrificing braking performance and reliability.


    This caliper comes with a complimentary set of pads - select your compound below.

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