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Long Brake Hoses - Lengths over 130cm (various end-fittings available)

Long Brake Hoses - Lengths over 130cm (various end-fittings available)


High quality Kelgate braided brake pipes.


Kelgate hoses now have a swivel fitment on the male and female ends to allow easy fitting without having to rotate the whole pipe as it is screwed in.


All lengths available from 5cm to 200cm in 5cm increments

- Select your required length and 2 end fittings from the drop down list.


For lengths below 130cm please see our "Brake Hoses - Lengths up to 130cm (various end-fittings available)" listing.


End Fitting options: Male, Female, Banjo, 45 Degree Banjo, 90 Degree Banjo.


Banjo bolts, Double Banjo bolts, T-Pieces and Bonded Washer also available.


If you don't see your exact size here please get in touch via the Contact Page.  All our hoses are custom made and we are happy to accommodate any unusual sizes.



**Please note that not all hoses will have the red Kelgate logo sleeves on them as we run down our original stock.  If you have a preference for Kelgate logo or plain let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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